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    I’m looking into hunting, could I use a 30.06, .243, 7mm, or a .308 for hunting with a rifle in Iowa?

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    <!–more–>only in a couple of counties in a special areas

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    What are you hunting?  For coyotes a 243 would be appropriate.  If you want to hunt deer, the calibers you listed will limit you to a few counties and then usually only for special antler-less seasons. If you want to hunt deer during a regular gun season, I suggest you go to the deer hunting regs at the DNR web site. There you will find a list of legal calibers.

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    For deer hunting center fire rifles must be .24 and larger.  However you are limited to only a few counties this year for antlerless season (Wayne, Clayton, Appanoose, Allamakee).  Shotgun deer seasons allow you to use rifles that shoot straight wall cartridges chambered for handguns.

    If you are talking about coyote hunting the .243 would be more than enough.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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