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    Earlier this year I decided to go all in for deer this season both on private and public land. I spent the weeks prior to season scouting miles of state park land looking for the best/most overlooked spots. I had several stand locations picked out come opening day. I had a lot of cool encounters early in the season but I was saving the best couple spots for the absolute perfect conditions. I finally got those conditions this past Saturday (November 3). There was a SE wind that was just strong enough to cover my noise walking in but not enough to suppress deer movement. I took about an hour to walk in and get up a good looking tree(4:00). At 5:00 this wide, heavy eight pointer surprised me by appearing out of nowhere 30 yards in front, and walking straight towards me. He stopped on a dime five yards away and looked right up at me. I was frozen since the second I saw him but he knew something was up. He quickly turned around and started walking away. At 15 -20 yards he turned just enough to give me a nice quartering away shot. The arrow hit terribly far back but there was good penetration. He made it 80-100 yards up a ridge before I heard him pile up. The feeling of success afterwards was like nothing I’ve felt before. Hours of scouting, miles of walking, and then waiting for the precise time to hunt and actually having it all pay off made it all worth it. (The real hard work came when I had to drag it the other 200 yards up the ridge to the truck). Sorry for the long read but I had to share.

    Also have to give a shoutout to a YouTube channel called “The Hunting Public”. The amount of work they do and the information they give is what got me excited to try hunting public land.

    Next goal is to wait for a true giant or get a deer from the ground. Here’s a picture of him. Short brows but good spread and nice mass.

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