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    Got it done Saturday morning on public land. We got in early and had the place to ourselves. Multiple birds sounded off at around 5:30 so we made a plan to move in on the nearest one. We somehow managed to bust two hens off their roost and had several deer blow and run under the gobbler while we set up. I thought our morning was over. But a couple minutes later, he started hammering again and it sound like two more were there with him. After each gobble I could hear a hen tree yelping back it them so I tried mimicking her. I failed to get her fired up and soon after (6:24) we heard them fly down on the other side of the ridge across from us and  go silent. I was worried that the hens would lead the toms to the private field close to their roost so I became desperate. I threw some hen yelps, followed by jake yelps, then a gobble on a box call a couple times and then ended with more hen yelps with a single cut thrown in there. A variety but nothing overly aggressive. I went silent for a while and started to think about how we’d move in closer to the flock. Maybe 5 minutes went by and I heard what sounded like that herd of deer crunching in the leaves coming our way. I could believe it when just two longbeards came into view, stomping along the ridge that paralleled ours. They were coming in on a string to us and when they dipped out of sight in the ditch between us, I clucked a couple times and scratched in the leaves to reassure them of where we were. A long 5 minutes later they popped up on our side 15 yards to our dead right, an impossibly hard shot for a right hander. We elected to let them ease past us up into the field behind our set up (out of sight to us) where they got comfortable. I tried calling them back down into the woods and they would gobble back but wouldn’t budge. It was cool listening to them spit and drum 25 yards away since it was the first either of us had ever heard it. We had to make a move so I instructed him to crawl around his tree and get as close to the field as he could to get a shot. I kept the toms interested with clucks, purrs, and more scratching in the leaves. Once he was in position, one final cluck got the bigger tom to raise his head up for a shot. 6:52 and he had his first turkey on the ground in an incredible hunt. 10 ¼ inch beard, ¾ inch spurs, 22 pounds. Enjoy the pics and thanks for reading.

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