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    I got an ’05 Chevy Trailblazer about a year ago (Feb 08) with 26,000 miles on it and have had nothing but problems.

    1. Wipers quit April 08.
    2. Door seals just falling off
    3. Cluster goes out (Dec 08) -odometer/speedometer quit working
    4. Driver power seats quit working (Jan 09)
    5. Two flat tires (probably not manufacturer related)

    Thank god for a good extended warranty. Have had to pay about $400. Without the warranty would have been over $2000.

    p.s. doesn’t even have 35,000 miles yet!

    Should I buy GM/American ever again? Not so sure

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    Sounds like it was the last vehicle to roll off the assembly line on a Friday afternoon.

    Seems like it has more problems than usual for a vehicle with that few of miles. I haven’t had too big of problems with my GM/American vehicles until they get to 80,000-100,000 miles. Never had a trailblazer before though.

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    I quit buying GM in the 70’s. Too many quality issues. Have had good luck with Dodge and exceptional luck with Ford.

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    i can tell you i will never buy a chevy truck again but i will still buy american i went to ford in 07 but previously had silverado in 02 and 05 both purchased new both had rear end issues the first was traded for the second and the second i didnt purchase the extended warrenty and of course at 43000 miles the rear end went out i had had it in to rydell at 28000 to express my worries with the rear end noise and they told me it was normal then when it went out i tried to get them to fix it since they were the ones that had told me it was ok and they told me i must have been abusing it so no more chevys for me

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    With those electrical problems could it have been a flood rebuilder or been in a flooded ditch and rebuilt?


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    I would agree with the water damage. I’ve pretty much owned nothing but Chevy’s and wouldn’t get anything else. If your not happy please stay with an American made truck.

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    Buy american Buy a Toyota 😛 Had my fare share of problems with the “big three” and the dealers and the manufactures dont seem to care, not so with my toyota. And by the way do a little reserch and find out how american the big three’s trucks are compared to toyota’s, like I said buy american, buy a Toyota.

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    Well this should get pretty entertaining…
    They are all mechanical vehicles, they are all going to have problems. Buy something with good dealer support, cause things are going to break!
    Ive had nothing but good luck with Chevy.

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    Had great luck with my three fords 😀 The one chevy I owned sucked 🙁

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    My last 2 pickups have been GMC’s. My 1989 K2500 had around 190,000 miles on it when I sold it. The truck is still driven daily.
    I have put 60,000 miles on my 2000 Sierra since buying it used (72,000 miles when I purchased it).
    I had to put a new battery in my truck last month, to replace the factory original battery, and I also replaced brake pads and rotors
    all the way around.
    I will own GMC’s based on my experience that they are tough, dependable trucks.

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    I’ve owned both ford & chevy.the last chevy truck i had 230,000 miles on it when i sold it to my youngest son(at a very low cost) he is still driving it 260,000 or so on it now.my truck now has 116,000miles on it and i would drive it any where.I drive a lot of miles to work about 45,000 a year. i will only buy chevy now.it only takes one lemon to change your mind .(the ford didn’t do so well.)

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    You’ll find lemons in every brand Myself I have a 94 Silverado 3/4 ton. I bought used with 8500 miles The guy that had it before me had a large trailer and hauled hogs with it. Hired out all his hauling and traded in for a 1/2 ton. I’ve used it for every farm related thing you can think of And replaced the motor at 221000 miles I now have almost 370000 and the “new” 😆 motor still can go 4000 miles and not use any oil. The rest of the truck has had nothing but normal matenance, brakes, oil,tires and nothing major with the trany or drive train.. 😉

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    Out of curiosity, have you ever gotten a Carfax report on the vehicle? Does sound like a flood or Katrni victim possibly. 😕

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    I second the carfax question. Possibly the best money you can spend when considering a used vehicle.

    As for the other- 1st SUV I bought was a ’94 Jimmy. Bought it in ’96. Had nothing but problems with it before it died for good. I will NEVER buy from GM again. Since then I’ve had 2 Ford Explorers. A ’97 that I emerged unharmed from after a car Vs deer rollover, and now a ’98 that has been solid for the past 3 years I’ve had it. At the end of the day, I think it’s down to luck though. If you get a Friday night /Monday morning vehicle I think you’re in trouble!

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    i agree. when it comes to buyin used, you better do your research on the vehicle. i have only driven GM vehicles. I currently have a 96 tahoe that i have had for bout 4 years now and have made a few repairs on it. has over 180,000 and still drives the same as when i bought it. before that i had a 89 olds that had over 270,000 before the original motor took a crap. a friend of mine bought a 98 explorer bout 6 yrs ago and had nothin but problems with it.

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