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    Need a primer on how to fish these things.Bought some last year but had limited success with them. I am not much of a pond or panfisherman in the past. Want to try crappies and gills. Have some ratso and blood worms if that makes a difference. Do have a flasher. I am assuming you don’t tip them.

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    I really like the trigger x plastics.. There are a ton of different brands out there I prefer brighter colors for crappie chartreuse,pink but I also depends on water clarity and what the fish want . I don’t usually tip them with anything unless they are really picky. The clam maki plastics have awesome action. This is my first year using plastics so far I love them!! So I’m no expert but I hope this helps

    Tight lines!!

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    Thanks.Might just have to do what was suggested elsewhere. Just bring plastics and leave the bait at home.

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    They work best when presented horizontally. If you use a vertical jig, hang the plastic off the end but keep the barb exposed of course.

    Jigs that work well include:
    Lindy micro slick jig
    Skandia Tungstens
    HT Banana style horizontals
    Custom Jigs and Spins Gill Pills and Diamonds

    Gulp 1″ fish fry – good for finicky fish, no jig spin
    Gulp 1″ leech – Excellent quiver action, can spin a jig (practice jigging it in the hole) and pounds bottom well
    Berkley Power Honey Worms – bait it just like a waxie, never freezes, great for hole hopping
    Custom Jigs and Spins Wedgees – Can be finessed very well, easy to pinch off to adjust action, doesn’t spin much
    Trigger X Nymph – great swim action, can easily quiver/finesse, can cause jig spin, you can pull the legs or arms off to change action and presentation size
    Trigger X Wax Tail – Great for shy gills, small profile

    Pistol grip your rod and pound your index finger over the top of the handle. Slow sweeps will make the flatter baits swim a bit. If a gill or crappie will raise up to check out the bait, they’ll nail it on a quiver and pause nine times out of ten. Adjust your knot placement on the jig eye to change the angle of presentation. Don’t tip them with any live bait, it just gets in the way of the plastic’s action.

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    MATZILLA has it covered.
    I would add to sharpen the hook.
    should dig into a finger nail

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    Tjs pinpoint plastix firecracker worms are the best ive used. Been catching perch gills and crappies on them steady this year. Been outfishing live bait about everywhere ive been.

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    I dont know if its even an ice lure but Im having alot of success this winter on the Gulp 1″ minnow on a 1/64th jig. Its been producing so much I havent even tried alot of my usual ice lures. I use the black shad color.

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