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    Saw more doves than pheasant today. 1 hen no roosters, a dozen and a half doves. Hope your opener was better than mine. Consolation prize I got to hunt with my dad and brother for the first time.

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    Hunting with family is always a gem. Cherish every moment you can. Good luck next time you head out. Anybody else have any luck today particularly in West Central Iowa?

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    Had three in 20 minutes, should have been done in 5 but had to shoot the cob webs out of my gun first. Dog did good and he put up a bunch of roosters and hens,
    sleeping right now next to me on the floor….life is good!

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    6 of us got 13, by 11am. Lots of visiting going on too. That’s was enough for the day. Wet up in NC Iowa this morning.

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    We had a group of 7 in nw iowa hunting public land we shot 7 seen decent numbers of birds kinda sucked got to the spot at 5 a.m. To have 3 other big groups jump into the 160 acres but it’s public land what do you do just gotta wether the fair weather hunters I prefer 20 degrees snow and wind to watch my short hairs work

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    Dog and me were out for about 3 hours this morning. At first birds were flushing wild. As soon as we would top a hill they would come up a hundred or more yards down and away. Saw 6 or so roosters that way. Heard a lot more cackling all around. Things settled down after the first hour and the dog worked a couple roosters nice. Two flushes, two shots, and two roosters in the bag.

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    I only hunted a hour. I got up at 5 drove and hour and sat for 2 hours on my spot and 5 guys from MN cut me off 100 yards away. They were nice enough to come down and tell me what they were going to do but it was obvious they had their plans.

    They put up a few roosters and missed them all. We being me and the dog put up 2 hens.

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    We pulled into public hunting at 0700. Shortly after that several cars/trucks came by saw us and turned around. Had 1 car that we lost track of that went by. Nailed a rooster right off the bat heading west along side of the road. We quickly discovered that the car we lost had parked in the road by SW corner of the public hunting cutting us off in that direction. We reversed out hunting and headed east directly into the sun. Made the hunting pretty tough, we never planned hunting into the sun like that. Once we headed north we had another group come right up our back side. Kind of ruined our hunt trying to dodge the two groups. We managed another rooster but was pretty disgusted how the whole morning turned out. We know the west group saw us when we drove by but jumped in any way.

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    Got up probably 30 birds and I think every single one was a hen. There was one group of about 10 birds that got up and we were looking right into the sun so couldn’t tell if there were any roosters or not. One guy said he saw a group of roosters run out the end of the field. Tough hunting when it’s this warm and birds are running but the dogs got some good work on the hens.

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    We had 4 hunters, one very good lab. I shot one at 8:05, one at 8:30, one at 9:00. We got 9, and had a great time. Way warmer than we prefer, very hard on the dog and the humans! Kicked up a nice covey of quail, also. We didn’t shoot because the dog and his master were not close by at the time. Had a great time, the birds are now officially back big time, and yes, we have hunted since the 70’s, and today ranks as good as it’s ever been.

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    Day 2 on public land in CHICHAQUA area and it was just as good as yesterday. Arrived at a small area about 33 acres in size at 0725, no one around. Should have been a nice little hunt for me and the dog. About 0745 here roll in the late hunters. 5 of get out and the leader explains he was here yesterday by himself and 3 hunters came in on him. So he called his boys and they were coming in today. Tried to stay out of their way and had a pretty poor hunt. I am sure the 5 American Sportsmen had a great time on that 33 acres. Wow 33 acres with a total of 6 hunters. After I left I saw hundreds of acres in CHICHAQUA with no hunters. Can hardly wait for the nasty weather to get rid of the fair weather hunters.

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    Great opener. Saw plenty.. Shot Two. Missed several. Dogs hunted well but the heat slowed them a little. Over all great day!

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    Saturday, 8 hunters, 24 birds by noon. Sunday, 5 hunter, 15 birds by 11. EXCELLENT numbers, even more than last year. This was in NC Iowa all on our family farms.

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    Shot 4 this weekend in NC IA. Spent 4hrs walking around public areas not seeing many birds and only getting one and missing two. Today I talked to my dad and he said to come over and sit on the end rows while he finished the corn field he was working on since there were a lot of birds in it. I ended up getting my limit today and watched a bunch of birds cross the road into the public area, these three are probably going to be the easiest birds I’ll get all season.

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    Saw quite a few of hens and roosters on Saturday I just need to learn how to shoot I didn’t get out yesterday

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