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    is this legal in Iowa? It’s not in Ohio so I was just wondering.

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    While getting checked by a CO during deer season back in 1978, he told me it was not legal to possess bird shot while deer hunting.  Things might have changed since then, but I can see why it wouldn’t.  If you don’t have a deer license, I see no reason you can’t go pheasant hunting during deer shotgun season.

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    If you aren’t out hunting deer it’s 100% legal to hunt pheasants instead, I quit gun hunting for deer years ago and always go out pheasant hunting during the shotgun seasons.  Game warden used to check me but now she doesnt’ even bother because she knows I’m not hunting deer.

    I’m not sure if you want to hunt pheasant and deer at the same time, but I would think that it would be illegal to have birdshot on you while in the act of hunting deer. Best to check with the CO if this is what you want to do.

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    Yes…..shoot pheasants with shot shoot deer with slugs…simple as the opposite get ticket…same as coyote hunting

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