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    First of all, the water depth had nothing to do with it. I have probably launched off of this ramp about 50 – 60 times in my life. The majority of the time(unless the water is very high), you fall off the ramp, but only a few inches. I use to have a smaller boat than I do now, and it would usually fall off as well. The ramp has very little slope to it (the main problem) and it doesnt go that far into the river. The water can raise 1-2 feet tonight, and if you’re running a 14-16 ft. boat, you’re probably gonna drop off. Second, this isn’t the Coon, it’s the Little Sioux. About 100 yards upstream there is a 15 ft. hole below the old dam-probably the biggest hole within 10 miles either way. And that is RIGHT NOW with the water low.
    I had two goals for this post: to let people know to be careful at this ramp and so someone may tell the Co. or someone will see it up there and realize they need to do something. Yet there are always the know-it-alls that gotta voice their opinion. If you would read my posts, I never stated that I wanted them to pay for the damage. I was pissed because they avoided me, and never did anything once they knew the problem. They FINALLY put a sign up. If you have spent any time at this ramp or stretch of river, you would know that the channel is no lower than 2-3 ft. deep up to the old dam. Last I checked that was plenty for a flatbottom with a short shaft motor.
    And to answer the last post—I don’t have a motorcycle, or a wife. Both are noisy and expensive to maintain. And I got drunk the following evening.

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    Quote by: stitch

    To be honest, they should have to pay for your trailer. The DNR, county government, state of Iowa or whoever are not non profits.

    I reckon if our county conservation board had to pay for damages on a deal like that… they would bring in the same excavator that set the concrete ramp… to tear it out. Then they’d wash their hands of any future issues by removing the road signs leading to the now closed ramp. Then Iowa would be down to two ramps on this entire pool of the Mississippi River (both on gravel roads) 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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