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    I kept a couple of perch after I gut hooked one from some questionably polluted water last night. Normally I’m C & R on just about all fish, especially at this spot, but I didn’t want the fish to go to waste.

    Threw them in my little lunch cooler with an ice pack. 1 1/2 hours later I pull them out to clean them and when I cut into the first one a horrible, chemical-like smell came out like I’ve never sensed while cleaning fish.

    So forget this deal. Meanwhile, the other perch (about 8 or 9 inches) is still alive after all this time. So for the heck of it I set him in my aquarium (non-heated) and the SOB is still alive this a.m.

    I am going to let him go today at the same spot just for being such a great survivor.

    I’ve see gars, bullheads and cats survive out of water for quite some time, but we expect that from them. Would never have guessed a perch could handle it, too.

    I’m sure the cold water and cooler had something to do with this herculean feat.

    Imagine some of you guys have some similar tales.

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    A few years ago I tried my hand at dead of winter trout fishing as I had never done so previously. Went up to Highlandville as I figured there would be a higher number of holdovers up there. Went in early January and as luck would have it it was COLD. Like high single digit/low double digit highs. It wasn’t too bad though as it was sunny and trout fishing I am moving around a bit. At one point I had a couple fish on a stringer and left them outside for a while, by the time I remembered and brought them in, they were stiff as boards. I tossed them in the sink and ran some water over them and all of a sudden I saw one of them SLOWWWWWWLY move its eye and look around! They were alive! (Or as alive as a fish out of water sitting in your sink can be) It was like being frozen put them in suspended animation or something. Granted this wasnt 1.5 hours like your experience but I bet they were out of water for 30 mins and setting in the snow and freezing for another 20 at least.

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    As fish go, I always thought of perch as being fragile and dying easily. Guess I had that wrong.

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    That’s what I was thinking, too. Off to let him go right now.

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    Took my kids to the local lake a couple of miles from town to ice fish for a bit. I knew they prolly wouldn’t last too long as I had
    no shack and it was cold. I want to say they were 4 and 5 years old. We caught about a dozen gills before we hung it up.
    Put the frozen fish in a bucket and we headed home. Got the kids coats off and hung on the hall tree and off they went.
    I was watching TV but kept hearing something by the front door and even got up and looked out the window. Finally I stood over
    there and waited. Soon my son’s coat pocket started flapping. He had put one of the frozen gills in his pocket and it thawed out
    and came back to life.

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