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    I figured if I would find the right answer it would be here. I was wondering what was the reason people put old shoes on the posts of their fence lines, I was raised on a farm up north and never seen this. It seems pretty popular around here. I heard one answer was that where some drunk fell down and lost his shoe, I really don’t believe that. Thanks for any ideas!!!

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    I don’t know about shoes on fencelines, but i’ve heard a bunch of theories about shoes hanging in trees and power lines, none of them good.

    I’ve heard that shoes tied together hanging from power lines means thats a location where you can buy drugs. Same goes for shoes in a tree in someones yard.

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    Old shoes or boots hung on fences will keep the mountain lions out of a section, but you need to hang a pair on all four sides of the section.

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    Not sure about the shoes. Near where I live a farmer has old hub caps nailed to the top of nearly every one of his fence posts. The only thing I can figure is that he is trying to preserve the fence posts by shedding water.

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    I would guess to keep pests away(deer, rabbit, coons, etc.) due to the human scent that’s all over the shoes.

    The hub caps sound like something for keeping crows away.

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    Could be what is left of the last person that trespassed.

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    Ex wife repellant………

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    I have saw many old worn out boots placed by the former owners on fence posts with the bottoms facing up. It is their belief that with the soles pointed upwards to the heavens that they will make it there when they pass on.

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    last year I was in a bar in Montana and the had bras hanging from the rafters. no idea behind how they got there!!!!!!

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    I have always thought it was drug trafficing as well.

    When you go skiing out west, you will find bras and panties all over the trees near the lifts. I don’t care what that means, I like it 🙂

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    Saw a fence in northern Missouri that had a cowboy boot on every post. Where do you come up with that many boots?

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    When I was in high school…..and this has been over 20 years ago now (hard to imagine), it was a punk maneuver to grab your buddies shoes and snag them up in trees, powerlines, etc. In the wrestling room during the season we’d grab the freshmen, paint their ears blue with a permanent marker, and try to toss their wrestling shoes up on top of an air vent about 15 feet up along the ceiling. You would have to retrieve a ladder and get them down! In track/football, we’d pin one of our buddies down and take their shoes away and fling them up on powerlines, high fences, etc. Just being mean to each other, haha 😆

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    People around here put toes down for bird to nest in.

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    I have heard many stories about this. The one I like is that it was a show of prosperity in homesteading days. Showed you were doing well enough to afford new boots.

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    here’s what I found on the boots question.
    Fallen comrades

    Ranchers hang their boots for their horses, their men and for the boots themselves. A rancher grows very attached to his boots. A good pair of boots can last three to five years, and a rancher wears that same pair every day. When the boots are worn out and past repair, ranchers will put them on the fence alongside all the other worn-out pairs.

    Tradition compels them

    Although some ranchers know exactly why they put their boots on the fence, many are doing it out of a sense of tradition. According to them, all ranchers put boots on their fences and they always will. Questioning a rancher about his traditions is like questioning why we decorate an evergreen tree every December; we just do.

    Read more : http://www.ehow.com/about_5324771_do-old-boots-fence-posts.html

    now for the tennis shoes. when I lived in East Stl. we tossed sneakers over power lines purely though bullying. lots of kids who strayed from their turf were sent home shoeless.

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