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    Has anyone else fished the red river for channels? I have never been up on the red and I was wondering if anyone had ideas on where to go? I have a friend coming back on leave in July and we were looking for something different than the usual walleye fishing or muskie trip. Any direction would be helpful. I don’t need specific spots. Just wondering where we should go to have the best chance at success.

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    If you are interested in a guided trip give Brad Durick a call.  He will put you on the cats!   http://www.braddurick.com

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>My grandmas house was on the Red Lake River on “The Point” in East Grand Forks the backyard went down to the river so I spent my summers fishing behind the house and down at the dam where the Red and the Red lake rivers combine.  The weekends were spent on Lake of the Woods walleye fishing.   I caught many large cats and the best baits where frogs, chicken livers, cut sheephead strips.  Theres an old pumphouse just upstream on the Red Lake where there was always a large snagpile just upstream from it I fished it every year.  The best time to go is in Aug. they have a catfish tourney or used to called catfish days in mid August many 20-30 lb. cats caught.</p>

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    Thanks for sharing this useful information.

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    The Red River is an amazing channel cat fishery, I would call it the best in the world. Catching a 15 pound catfish here is common a 20 pounder is a doable task and a 25 is down right special.  When things are kicking you can measure your catch by the hundreds of pounds.  I must address one thing that I read and hear all the time, 30 pounders are not common, not at all.  I am saying this because while a 15-18 pound fish is easy to come by most of the time and 30 is a goal but it just does not happen but once in a blue moon.

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