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    Been calling coyotes a few times this year and I cant believe the size of some of these bucks that were seeing. Last night while calling I had a 14 pt  less than 20 yds from me. I had the pleasure of watching him chase a doe for about 10 minutes in a corn field. Last weekend calling in a different area, it was a 16 pt that was getting close to the 200 class. I still target shoot with a bow but gave up hunting with it years ago. Now, calling yotes takes up my hunting time. For you bow hunters, the next few weeks should be pretty exciting. I wish you guys all the luck this year and be safe.

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    They’re chasing and fighting, so, it’s on, luck is good to have but practice pays off, along with scent mitigation, eliminating regular body odor is a move in the right direction but neutralizing bad breath is essential to staying incognito. Bad breath will get ya busted quick?

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    Well if you would like me to come take out any of those bucks just let me know!  Haha!

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    Just got back from Sioux falls,  across hwy9.  Deer definitely moving had 3 chases cross the road ahead of me.  No chance to check headgear.  Busy avoiding them.

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