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    I have decided to buy a new semi auto shotgun to hunt waterfowl with this year. I have several shotguns but its time for me to buy a new one. I have tried my sons Super Black Eagle II and just don’t care for the overall feel of the gun. Its ok and maybe with some trap practice it would work. I bought my son in law a Beretta A300 and liked it better than the Super Black Eagle II.  I shot a Remington 1100 for years that I bought back in the early 1970s. Shot it so much I wore out the trigger sear and it started to double on me. It was a 2 3/4 gun only and now with steel required I do shoot the 3 inch shells. So I rarely use it on ducks since having it repaired. Even though I shoot it well somehow over the last 40 years it has gotten  heavier and isn’t my first choice for upland birds either.  Once again I tried some 3 1/2 inch shells in the sons SBE II but I really don’t need the extra range. I shoot my ducks close over decoys. So a gun capable of handling  2 3/4 or 3 inch shells works great. What are my options and what shotguns do you guys think are worth looking at?

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