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    Just got done going through SF2181 . Apparently they are trying to make it a felony on some instances of cruelty such as tossing  puppies over a bridge or throwing your dog in a dumpster to die. I have no problem with making these acts a felony. In fact I dont believe its enough for the idiot who would do such a thing. With that being said, I started to ponder the question of live animals in a foothold trap or snare then having your buddy video tape as the person kneels down by a live struggling coyote or coon thats caught and proceeds to go on for 10 minutes about how he caught the animal. Iowa trapping laws require us to immediately dispatch the animal upon discovery . Im just asking you as an outdoor sportsman your take in this this. Do you believe this is a violation as far as leaving the animal alive while someone video tapes. Or do you believe there is no violation and its ok. Right now I have no opinion on this subject because I never thought about it before until now. I am a trapper and the only time I ever did video tape an incident is when a guy put a catch pole on a coyote and put it in a dog cage to be used to train his hounds. Not trying to hassle anyone here, just looking for opinions.

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