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    Just got done going through SF2181 . Apparently they are trying to make it a felony on some instances of cruelty such as tossing  puppies over a bridge or throwing your dog in a dumpster to die. I have no problem with making these acts a felony. In fact I dont believe its enough for the idiot who would do such a thing. With that being said, I started to ponder the question of live animals in a foothold trap or snare then having your buddy video tape as the person kneels down by a live struggling coyote or coon thats caught and proceeds to go on for 10 minutes about how he caught the animal. Iowa trapping laws require us to immediately dispatch the animal upon discovery . Im just asking you as an outdoor sportsman your take in this this. Do you believe this is a violation as far as leaving the animal alive while someone video tapes. Or do you believe there is no violation and its ok. Right now I have no opinion on this subject because I never thought about it before until now. I am a trapper and the only time I ever did video tape an incident is when a guy put a catch pole on a coyote and put it in a dog cage to be used to train his hounds. Not trying to hassle anyone here, just looking for opinions.

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    What is the purpose of waiting to dispatch the critter?  I understand waiting to shoot if you first see the trap tripped from 300yards and want to be at 10yd for a clean shot.  I don’t know that it should be a felony either.  What if you stopped at the drive through for breakfast before checking traps?  That would take the same ten minutes.


    Intentional cruelty like dogs in a sack is a direct offense and should be punishable by law.

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    If you look again at the file number, wild animals and livestock are NOT included

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    I don’t think Keokuk was saying the new law had anything to do with hunting or trapping, it was just the jump off point that made him ponder animals in traps and such, for which there are already laws.

    IMHO it’s a matter of respecting the animals, cleanly dispatch as soon as you can.  There’s no need to stress them more than necessary.

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    An animal caught in a trap must be immediately killed upon discovery.

    If you videotaped a trapped animal  that was still alive for10 minutes, you failed to immediately kill it.

    Therefore you would be in violation of Iowa laws and regulations.

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    IMO Same hear don’t see the point of videos, dispatch it correctly and move on. I think some folks just hungry for attention.


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