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    I finally bit the bullet and bought a new progressive press. I was 1/2 owner in a Dillion with another guy who moved and he bought me out. I have been surviving on what I had loaded on hand and last month when I was putting ammo together for an IPSA shoot it became obvious I was just about out of my stock pile of 40s. I only had 3 boxes of Gold Dot left. Enough to defend the house for a while in the case of a Zombie uprising but that stuff is too expense for target practice. We used to have a Dillion Dealer in the area but he went out of business. After doing some research and checking out a friends press I decided to buy a Hornady Lock N Load. Local outfit sells them and I know the owner so I picked up the press last week for my birthday. I spent two evening reading all the literature and watching the videos. This morning I laid it all out in my shop and put it together. I spent most of the morning getting it adjusted then loaded a few rounds and ran out to the pasture and checked them out. No malfunctions in 30 rounds with my Glock and my group was tight. So after lunch I sat down and went to work. It took me 3.5 hours to load 500 rounds. I went slow visually checking powder. I started weighing 1 every 15 rounds and after 100 I just rocked on checking one every so often and visually checking all as I worked. My only issue was remembering to set the primers every so often. So far so good the machine seems to be really well made but will wait to give a full report after I reload several thousand. I have three more coffee cans of 40 brass and three coffee cans of 9mm to work on next. I’m also considering buying a plate for .223 and .45. Right now all I have is the 9mm and 40. 🙂


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    I have one of those also and have no complaints. I haven’t gotten to use it quite as much as I would like as I haven’t been shooting IDPA lately. Life just kind of gets in the way sometimes. Glad to read that it has been functioning very well for you thus far.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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