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    Hi Guys,

    After hunting grouse and pheasant over my Brittany for 12 years we finally had to put him down this spring. I had been considering putting off adding another bird dog for a bit, but I decided that I am going to get another pup. An English Setter this time. Below are some questions I am considering.

    1. Get one that is born October and would come home in December or a spring pup. This is what the trainer I will use recommended as he will be ready for real training by early spring and about a year old. He also said house training is easier in the winter. Or get a spring pup which in my past experience was easier for house training and socialization.
    2. A training collar. I liked my old tritronics G3, nothing special but worked great. I replaced with with a Garmin delta which was total garbage. I was going to switch to dogtra, the one with the beeper and trainer, but the garmin alpha with the GPS has some appeal as well. I hunt in northern MN and WI a lot and a lost dog worries me with the wolf population there. It is a bunch more money, but on the other hand I look at a training color as a 10 year investment and it is is top quality and works well the extra $ for the GPS might be worth it.
    3. I want to raise birds to train with, however my training ground is a mile or so from my house, I dont think call back quail will return that far after being released. Would homing pigeons be a more effective option?
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