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    Hey guys, I’m asking a small favor of you. My buddy Tim from work has restored a 1960 Impala from the ground up and is making some waves in the auto magazines, his car has already been in Hot Rod and Popular Hot Rodding. His car has now made the top twenty five cut in Car Craft magazines latest contest.
    Let me tell you that Tim is an engineer and the labor and precision put into this car is remarkable to say the least.
    All work except for the paint job was done by Tim….from the Corvette front suspension to the custom interior and all of the many, many details…Timmy(as I call him)did it all!

    I’m asking you to take a minute and vote for his car to be featured in a full blown article of Car Craft magazine…trust me, he deserves it!

    This is the link to the page you vote.—> Vote here Go toward the bottom of the page – #6 ’60 Impala – Tim Coon

    From Car Craft Magazine:

    #6. He Races This Thing

    Who: Tim Coon

    Where: Lisbon, IA

    What: ’60 Chevrolet Impala

    Why: Don’t get angry; this isn’t a trailer queen. It just looks like it. Tim built the Impala himself over what seemed like the course of a decade. He built the frame, grafting in a C4 Corvette front suspension and making his own rear control arms. He also built the engine and transmission, welded up the exhaust, formed new floorpans, and even made and upholstered the seats. Makes us feel lazy.

    Tim says: “It’s an owner-built, fully custom and detailed, street-driven and raced Impala.”

    Here are a few pics. The first one shows the custom built chassis with the Corvette front end, every piece of aluminum on the vette suspension was polished.

    Here is a shot of the interior, again, Tim did every bit of this work himself, from the door panels, carpet, custom center consloe with stainless steel cup holders turned on his lathe!

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