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    Made it up to NE Iowa on Saturday for a little trout fishing. We arrived at Backbone at about 9:00am to beautiful conditions. I forgot how pretty this park is. I was suprised that there were not more people out. We each caught 4 nice rainbows and headed out to find a camping spot. We drove every piece of Backbone and all sites (electric) were taken. We headed over to the campground south of the hatchery in Manchester and found a spot. The stream running through the camp ground was very pretty and had some good flow but there were tons of people fishing. We just kind of lazed around, cooked up some trout and fried potatoes and enjoyed the weather. We thought we would go out towards dusk and give it a try. I headed up stream and my buddy headed down. I found a nice hole that was holding a bunch of fish and started working the area. Pretty soon here comes a kid walking right up the middle of the stream. He sees me and asks if the fish are biting. I told him, not anymore. Aw well, at least he was a nice kid. We got out early the next morning (5:00am) and had the stream to ourselves for a couple of hours. We managed 7 nice rainbows and 1 brown. All in all it was a great trip and we had a great time.

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