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    Anyone have experience with Navionics? Curious how well they are for our Iowa lakes.



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    I use the Navionics app on my phone. I have used it on the IGL, Clear Lake,lakes around Waterloo, and Pleasant Creek. It seems to be pretty good everywhere I have been as far as giving same depth as the electronics on the boat or the flasher on the ice.

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    Look at the Navionics web app online. you can actually zoom in on any lake there & see what it shows if you purchase the Navionics + chip.

    https://webapp.navionics.com/#[email protected]&key=ozw%7CFr%7BwzP



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    its ok. if you have a humminbird finder use lakemaster. they are better.

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    Excellent, thanks for the tips guys

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    My Lakemaster chip lasted 6 months and then it stopped working.I bought it in April of 2016 and Oct. it stopped working. I called Humminbird and they talk me through a series of test and the chip would not work. Was told sorry but the warranty is only for 30 days and I was SOL. Not sure if I will get another Lakemaster. Took the Navionics from the bow unit and put it in my console unit and have been very please with it.

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    In reference to fishing mn lakes my Navionics phone app was worthless compared LakeMaster. No comparison in detail…

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    I bought the Navionics chip for my Humminbird because I liked that I got all of Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota on one chip. Those are the three states I fish 99.99% of the time, and I loved the idea of having one chip that covered all my bases, not having to switch them out when I went to different states. I have to say it has worked out great for me. It has definitely helped me narrow down lakes to fishable spots, especially when I go somewhere new that I haven’t fished, or don’t fish very often. I have not used a LakeMaster chip, so I have no comparison to go off of.

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    Have both. Both older versions and the newer ones. LakeMaster has slight advantage.
    Prefer Navonics pc software over lakemaster setup.

    Really is a Ford/Chevy kind of thing.
    If I had to choose only one,would be lakemaster.

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    My Navionics phone app has served me well but I use lake master in the boat, partly because of the hummin bird / i pilot set up. All in all if lakemaster had a comparable phone app I would ditch Navionics.

    That said Navionics seemed to cover most lakes I wanted to fish in both IA, MN, and WI. Can only think of one time Navionics was missing, and a different lake that was missing on lake master.

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