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    Last Wednesday a friend of mine called me and said that the goose migration was on in earnest. Thursday I did some scouting at 4 locations near my target area. Friday I went hunting. I set up about 11am and around noon another man approached from the opposite side of the open water I was concealed near. I was a little concerned that things might get tense but instead the man who approached said that if I helped set decoys with him that I could join him in his blind on the private side of the bank (I was on the public side). 30 minutes later we had 4 dozen decoys set and were hunkering down in his blind. After several slow hours the birds started coming. 20 minutes before shooting ended we were inundated with wave after wave of birds. We took our limit from that flock, it was incredible. It was like there were too many birds for them to figure out where the shooting was coming from and where to go to flee. We got to empty our magazines and reload and empty them again (an excellent shot I am not). The cherry on top was not only did I get my first limit but I got my first banded bird. Me and the kids have been eating goose non-stop since then. I thought waterfowl season was over for me but I think it just got a new lease on life.

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    Congrats, any hunting is good hunting. The only geese I’ve shot was 45 yrs. ago on the river in December, and yes we were chasing them, it was a lot of fun, but not legal.

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