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    Quote by: djjme

    i’m kinda confused on why any one would want mountain lions in iowa for any other reason than to hunt. if you want to see them running around your property, move to a state where they are native! i dont own any land that could support or hold a mountain lion, but if i did, i sure wouldnt be comfortable with my 4 yr old boy playing outside, if i knew some one had spotted one in my county. i see no point in letting a population live in iowa. i like iowa because i dont have to worry about hurricanes or rattlesnakes(not too much) or scorpions or mountain lions. maybe i’m just ignorant about them, but its because i live in IOWA!

    Great kill and thanks for sharing!

    At one point we had Mt lions, and we still have timber rattler in the state. Alone with other snakes that can kill u. I guess I should shoot your dog because it could do the same has a Mt lion to a little kid. Come on! Do u think anyone wants something like that to happen, NO. Hell, Ur livestock has a better chance of taking u out then a Mt lion! Your child safety come first, but the fact is these animals were here 1st.

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    just seen on ten o’clock news. go to kcrg.com

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    I read the IC Press Citizen story on this…congrats to the hunter. This is a good harvest, I think we’ll do fine with fewer 125-pound cats roaming around. And, our deer population will stay in tact without a bunch of those traipsing through our timbers!!!

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    I would not think twice about shooting a mountain lion if by the far-flung chance I would see one while hunting in Iowa.

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    Quote by: littlealbia

    I can’t believe people are complaining about this kill. It was a 100% legal kill. For all you babies out there, go join PETA. Then you can complain about legal kills with others who actually give A S! The ONLY thing mtn lions would be good for in Iowa is us hunting them. Obviously our deer population is still there, but as many reported this year its down from previous years, so lions woudln’t be good for controling that because the DNR does a good job of it with issuing too many doe tags. Lions would kill livestock, although not very many, it would still be felt by the small farmers. And once again theres always the chance of attacking a human. Good for nothing but lead slinging. Great kill!! Can’t wait to see pictures of a mount or rug!


    AGREE 100%

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    Quote by: Morel+Guru

    I’m sorry but I just don’t see the point in shooting this cat. Was someone in danger at the time? Was it charging? Iowa has a million turkey’s, deer, etc. and I see no problem harvesting some of these, but a person comes across a mountain lion in Iowa and the first thing that comes to mind is killing it. I guess I’ll never understand that logic.

    I have a friend whose horse was mauled by one 2 years ago, and a neighbor was loosing calves to one. I think that is reason enough to shoot every one I see.

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    😆 Best thing is this mountian lion will be lonely no more ! 😉 It’s all over TV this morning ! :mrgreen:

    Think ,one here can go mountian lion hunting and never see a mountian ,here in Iowa ! 😆

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    How did it grow nuts from yesterday?

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    That’s what I would like to know as well….I don’t understand how a female turns out to be a male

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    Quote by: frmboybuck

    That’s what I would like to know as well….I don’t understand how a female turns out to be a male

    Addadicktome they do it all over the place now 😆 😆 😆

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    If you look at this link. It does not look like a mountain lion has much for junk.

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    got this guy in my back yard last night….they’re everywhere…………………….

    Just kidding of coarse….. 😛

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    Quote by: 1luckyguy

    Again, why is it ok to shoot mt. lions and mule deer but not elk? What about black bear and bison? My neighbor has a trail cam pic of a black bear from this fall. Could I shoot a black bear if it walked by my bowstand next fall?p]

    It is perfectly legal to shoot black bears. IIRC there were several shot in Iowa last year. I know one was shot north of us by a farmer who had seen it several times near his cattle. The story was in the paper with a photo. I think they are in the same boat as mt lions……they are not “officially” recognized as a game animal by the DNR.

    On another note, I saw a mt. lion about 7-8 years ago near St. Charles, Iowa while pheasant hunting. Most folks didn’t believe me (as I am sure many others who have seen one have found), but now the doubters can’t deny it.


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    I was just mentioning to some friends a few weeks ago, now that most of the harvest has been done and the hunters are getting out, we should be hearing of big cat sightings. Looks like I was not wrong. We have seen a couple around west central IA for the past few years, not to mention the one hit right here in town, a block from the schools. The hunter was quite lucky to have a treed cat and carrying the right weapon for the job and making a good shot. Definately a bonus harvest for the deer season. 😉

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    Just heard on the news that it was a 115lb male, not a 140lb female like they originally thought.

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