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    I bought the cobra waterproof HH330 handheld recently. I gave it a shot and found out that I could transmit just find but it would not receive signals that were over a half mile away. I had the squelch down low as well. This is a 6 watt radio and should get 5 to 6 miles. Called cobra and they told me to take it back. I did and the replacement is performing the same way. Does anyone have any experience with this radio? Is the range terrible?

    I am looking for a good handheld, so my next question is what does everyone use for a handheld that is proven in the field to get me ~5 miles of range?

    Thanks a lot for the help in advance!

    AvatarRuger 204
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    No takers on willing to provide some feedback or do folks use another make/model for handhelds?

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    I just bought the same radio last week. I will try to get out with it this weekend, and see what happens. if you don’t mind me asking where were you testing it at?

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    I have a pair of cobra hh425’s that i have had for several years. I us them for marine radios (VHF) when on the river in south Dakota, and use them for coyote hunting (GMRS) in the winter. These radiosare 5watt and will reach 5 miles but only line of sight. In other words the only time i have gotten mine to work up to 5 miles is over water, and then it is iffy. Hand held VHF radios will not perform like mobil VHF radios since most mobile units are 25w and hand held are 5 or 6.

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    As Thumper said, VHF radios (particularly handhelds) are line of sight only. I have used a few handhelds, and never approached the 5 mile range. 2 or 3 at most. Only way you will have much luck at 5 miles or more, is to go to the higher wattage console unit with the 8′ antenna.

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    if you want range, buy a mounted radio with a tall whip. (If being used for a boat)

    I run mine with a 8ft whip and I will pull 7-10 miles on a good day.

    I have never heard of anyone being totally satisfied with a handheld unit. I am not saying they are bad, the expectations never
    seem to be met.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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