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    There was some dispute on another thread about SSTs and I read didn’t want to hijack the thread.
    Do you like or dislike the Hornady SST deer slugs and why?

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    I did not like them. They shot fairly accurate, but the problem I had with them was I found them to be very moisture sensitive. We’d hunted in some wet weather off and on and the slugs were a year or two old, but I didn’t think bad enough to cause issues. Seems like any hunting in wet weather can cause issues with the powder/primers over time. It was enough that I couldn’t trust them anymore and I switched up. I’ve never had issues with other brands.

    Once I did, I was lucky to find my gun liked Remington Copper Solids and Lightfields better anyways.

    My buddy has shot them for years, with great luck and no issues. He shoots A LOT more than me though and cycles through his ammo faster. Maybe if I kept mine fresher I wouldn’t have had the problems.

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    Quote by: bowfisher


    I’m confused. You asked about a different slug and then bashed Hornady SSTs.
    I just asked why. And others responded. You seamed to have gotten bent with the others response.
    I didn’t want to hijack your thread. So I started one to see what others thought about them.
    Pretty simple.

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    The old hornady sst was a good slug. They changed em some years ago and they still shoot deadly accurate for me. My issue with the new ones is they dont mushroom out but instead the fragment into several small pieces. Have never pulled a full slug out of a deer. Always in multiple pieces. Accuracy wise no complaints whatsoever. I shoot the winchester partition golds now. I think they shoot a 1/4 inch higher than the ssts do out of my gun. Not complaining.

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    keep tolling. Well back trolling. 😉

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    I didn’t like them because they did not group for me that well.

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    I have had good luck with them and very accurate out of my Savage 212.
    No lost deer as they rarely make it more than 50-100 yards.

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    Only comment I can make about them is that I tried them to see how they would shoot out of my Savage 220 when I had it and my H&R Ultra Slug Hunter when I had it. Both times they were OK, but the Remington Accu-Tips shot even better both times in both guns so I’ve never actually used them for hunting, only for testing.

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    They are a top seller at the gun shop I work part time at. A lot of accuracy differences depend on the gun. Some guns shoot different slugs better than others.

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    Quote by: wallybanger101

    The old hornady sst was a good slug. They changed em some years ago and they still shoot deadly accurate for me. My issue with the new ones is they dont mushroom out but instead the fragment into several small pieces. Have never pulled a full slug out of a deer.

    This is the biggest problem with these slugs.

    Less weight retention =’s a less lethal hit/shot.
    I like to shoot em and watch em drop in less than 20 yards.

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    I’ve shot a 3 deer with them and they dropped where they stood. I have 12 boxes from a store going out of business and picked them up for $6 a box.

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    They’re all I use. I personally haven’t ever had an issue with them not being lethal, and they produce tight groups from my H&R Ultra Slug 12 ga.

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    {Short version} like {Long version}I switched to them about 8 years ago. Hunting coal mine spoils, by myself. At almost 60 years old. Chasing deer 100 yards is not an option. That would require a helicopter to recover in that terrain. All my shots are 60 yards or less. The only shot I take is a standing broad side neck shot,with a solid box blind for a rest. Almost everyone has dropped in it’s tracks. My clip spent the off season in a unheated garage, and fired with out a problem. Different slug guns like different ammo. My first dedicated slug gun, I contacted the manufacturer to ask what the gun might like for ammo. They gave me three manufacturers. Told me to try all three and see what worked best in my gun. Also the best slug for good shot placement. May not mushroom out to kill a marginally hit deer. What ever slug you use with sabots. Clean your barrel after every few shots. Plastic fouling will cause a slug gun to sling them everywhere.

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    Tried them in 3 different 11-87 20ga and they were not very consistent. They are cheap. But I like the Remington copper solids better.

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