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    Same topic……different IowaOutdoors forum: I posted this question in the upland game forum of IowaOutdoors too, but thought I might get hits on this place too. So, here’s my question:

    I have a yellow lab that does well on pheasants. I’ve never shot rabbits that she’s flushed, just re-directed her to go find a pheasant. Despite this, she has continued to find both pheasants and rabbits. Well, I’ve decided that maybe I’ll start shooting rabbits next year, since she likes to find them, and I’ve always liked to eat them.

    I’m also strongly considering getting a beagle to join in on the fun in the fall of ’08. Since beagles will chase a rabbit until it circles (several times) I’m kind of wondering how that will affect my labs hunting style. She’s always stayed in pretty close, just like I trained her.

    Anyone have any experience hunting with both a lab and a beagle at the same time, on the same hunt, for bunnies and pheasants?

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