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    I am looking to purchase a “nicer” handgun and really like the Kimber 1911’s.  Anyone have any experience with these?  I like the feel of the Aluminum frame on the Custom models.  I have large hands and have a hard time with smaller handguns, this is not necessarily a carry piece, so I was looking at the 5″ barrel, or at least the 4″ barrel.  And I had planned on getting the 9mm version, but my buddies think I need the 45 for knock down power.  Not sure what I need to “knock down”, but I do know the price of ammo is a lot cheaper for the 9mm.  Lot’s of cool options too, tritium night sights, laser sights, etc.  So….. what is everyone’s opinion on these things?

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    I’ve got a Kimber 1911 .45 with the Crimson Trace lazer.  it is one sweet gun and is very comfortable to shoot and with very good accuracy.  I’d have to say my favorite handgun that I’ve ever had or shot.  Not cheap…….but sometimes the cost of quality is worth it, in my opinion.


    I too would agree with your friend that a .45 is a much better security handgun than the 9mm.  Yes, 9mm ammo is less expensive than .45.  If one already has a .45, then in my opinion a 9mm is a good one to have.  But if you have few handguns and are thinking of security as a top 3 reason for a handgun, the .45 is what I would get.  And if you can afford a Kimber and like quality………..I say go get yourself a  Kimber – you’ll love shooting it.  It’s a mans gun; shoot deer legally in Iowa during gun deer season; you can’t with a 9mm.

    Have fun.  Cheers.

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    I have a Kimber Tactical Elite and enjoy shooting it. It functions well and accuracy is very good. Only down side to the alloy use is its recoils more than a traditional 1911. I also have a Colt Series 80 that is a great gun also. I have been considering a Remington R1 Double Stack but have not been able to handle one to see if the double stack design will fit in my hands. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these options and the Kimber has been a very good gun for the money.


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    Awesome!  Thanks for the replies.  So you talked me into the .45, now how much more accurate do you think a 5inch barrel is compared to the 4?  Sure wish there was somewhere to shoot these guns!

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    i have some opinions and considerations on this, but i’m in a rush.  i’ll holler back in a bit when i have more time.

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    I do have a Kimber custom CDP II in 45 acp. That is a 5″ barrel.

    I like the alloy frame as it is lighter and as I am a lefty I need the offside safety.

    I found out a long time ago that the gun you shoot the most is the one that you keep the closest and is easiest to carry.

    The night sights are awesome in bad light.  As for accuracy I have no trouble hitting a 2×3 foot steel target at 175 yards.

    As a side note  I bought a cheaper 1911 in 4 1/4″ barrel and found it not really any more concealable and not as accurate, naturally the shorter barrel would probably be louder in noise and lesser in ballistic performance. Certainly it was serviceable but I surely missed the night sights trying to smack a raccoon in a dark spot.

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