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    Does anyone here have an opinion on Kia automobiles. I’m looking at the price and the warranty. I trust your opinions more than the online reviews. thanks

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    I have owner 2 since 2006. Both of them were bought new. Drove the first one for 6 years then traded it in for my current one that I have driven for 6 years now. Put 102,000 miles on the first one and have 87,000 miles on the current vehicle. I have never had a brake-down. Never had one in for a repair. Never had one fail to start. Gas mileage never lived up to what was stated on the sticker though. Was supposed to get 23-25 city and 28-33 hwy. Gets 20 or so city and 30 hwy. If I go faster than 70 mph. the mileage will drop off.

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    Kia/Hyundai have come a long way in quality and reliability. I wouldn’t have bought one 15 years ago but now they are on par. They’ve even been assembling a couple models in Georgia if that matters to you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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