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    Quote by: phaffy12

    Was talking to a central Iowa CO for about an hour this afternoon after mushroom hunting and he said this increase failed. Mentioned it triggered an immediate freeze in all hiring, even for those offered positions, but not on the payroll yet. Confirmed, found the bill withdrawn on the State Legislature site.


    It is not dead yet. HF631 is a revised version and passed the House 92-6. I was told Senator Bill Dix is holding this up in the Senate. If we want this increase, everyone needs to call their Senator and tell them they support this bill and it needs to be brought up to a vote.

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    Very interesting that both versions in the house have passed with overwhelming bipartisan support and can’t even get a vote in the senate. Any idea on the holdup? Per my conversation yesterday, looks like the DNR does not have much hope for it making it through.

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    If they don’t raise the hunting and fishing fees, how on earth are they going to introduce another species to our state like otters?

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    Many of the states people have mentioned as doing more with less have a dedicated funding source from sales tax like IWLL. You voted yes for it in 2010 to help with habitat, land acquisition, clean water and more. But our elected officials refuse to go through with it. An increase in sales tax with 3/8 of the percent going to conservation will ensure that everyone, not just hunters and anglers buying licenses are paying for trails, beaches, park maintenance, and more.

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    Folks I don’t see it flying this year. I wish it would. Some of the pie is being cut up, before there is a pie.

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    I would gladly pay 3-4 times more in licensing fees if they would double the amount of DNR officers in the field. They are severely understaffed.

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    Quote by: northwoodsbucks

    So I dont have a dog in this fight any more since I moved out of state. In general here is my take though.

    Whether my annual hunting or fishing license costs 20 or 30 means squat to me. Its worth about 2 slices of Caseys pizza divided over the entire season. Buying annual licenses for a family of four is less than a dinner at Applebys. Now if you buy every available tag it can add up but the solution might be to have better package deals for that scenerio like MN and WI have.

    That 10 dollars that means nothing to me does however, multiplied by 10s of thousands, mean something to the DNR budget.

    Other way they could raise money is by making out of state hunting affordable. When I lived in IA I still bought tags in MN and WI, living in MN hunting in IA is out of the question. I dont recall the cost of an out of state MN deer tag, but WI is under $200 and I believe MN is also. IA is close to three times that I think.

    Iowa would lose $ by decreasing the price on NR deer tags. Not sure if you noticed but demand is at an all time high. They could double the price of NR deer tags and there would still be a waiting period and lottery needed. reducing the cost of the general hunting license may help, although I don’t think there is a ton of demand for NR hunting outside of deer in Iowa.

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    Quote by: frmboybuck

    I would gladly pay 3-4 times more in licensing fees if they would double the amount of DNR officers in the field. They are severely understaffed.


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    the bill is dead, no increases this year

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    Those interested in supporting the DNR can still do so in a variety of ways even if there isn’t a fee increase. You can purchase additional licenses such as a furbearer license, trout stamp, third fishing line, and so forth even if you don’t use them. I believe there even is an option to contribute to the DNR on the Iowa income tax form.

    There also are many conservation organizations that you can contribute to and help support the outdoors. One organization that I think really makes the most of their members’ contributions is Pheasants Forever. My recollection is that 91% of the dollars that come into PF are actually used for habitat improvement and other projects rather than on overhead costs. That is pretty dang good if you ask me and is one of the reasons I have no problems contributing extra money to PF.

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    I believe we need to support wild life and the DNR officers along with many other projects.
    I read comments it’s just another case of beer or 2 lurers ect.
    I want to remind everyone some people don’t have a lot new trucks fancy boats and campers high doller fishing equipment ect. They do good getting license so they can do thing with kids and family teaching and spend quality time together can be hard especially if they have 2or3 kids.
    I realize it is one time a year for license but then X2 for both parents and if any kids are 16 that adds on not counting gas, bait , shell, camping fees ect It all adds up and for someone on tight budget can be hard.
    I hope I didn’t offend anyone but coming from little my up coming has good memories of fishing camping out of a van and want that for everyone

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