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    Let us know you are coming by posting here. This weekend should be great. TIMMY thought we should post this and against my better judgment I agree with him. 😛

    Kenhump and Jardan will be at the potluck site at four Saturday to let you in. Seems as Gramps has a wild Iowa wildlife recipe that needs “fermenting” in a slow cooker. Come any time after four for the potluck. The main meal is scheduled to start at 6 pm.

    Just a note. I got a call today from Fisheries Biologist Lannie Miller who was afraid he was going to get his butt chewed by the Lehigh Fire Department, in return he was going to chew mine for not having a permit. Lannie is a good guy and he was just doing his job and doing it well. Anyway, it seems that some people think we are having a tournament this weekend. We are not. This is just an outing. No prizes and no tournament, just good old fashioned fellowship and fun. If you want to participate in the tournament while enjoying time with your IO friends, feel free. Many of our group have in the past.

    Here is the info for sign-up as well as conditions at the lake.


    Have a great outing! If TIMMY turns red the Lehigh Fire Dept. will be close by… 😆


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