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    With all the debate over the deer population and who is creating a problem, why don’t we start a new continuous thread? How many and what tags have you bought and how many were filled?
    Mine were
    1State wide bow and 1 landowner bow
    1 Shotgun 1 season and 1 landowner
    1 late season landowner anterless

    Filled landowner bow, filled 1 shotgun tag.
    May still hunt this weekend because the weather is supposed to be very nice.

    How about all the rest of you?

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    1 shotgun, 1 LOT. Filled both plus filled one of my brothers tags.

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    I bought:

    One Statewide bow
    One Clinton Antlerless bow
    One Statewide 1st Shotgun
    One Clinton Antlerless 1st Shotgun
    One Jackson Co Antlerless Late Muzzleloader


    Statewide Bow tag with a buck
    Clinton Co Antlerless 1st shotgun with a doe

    Had a great bow season, saw several shooters and got a nice mature 10 point. Our shotgun group also had one of our best shotgun seasons in the last five years as far as numbers of deer saw on a daily basis and our group of 5 guys shot 8 nice deer. However as you can see, I’m not the one that put a hurt on them! 😉

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    I dont really want to talk about it… 😥

    Anysex bow, 2 antler-less
    Anysex early muzz, 1 antler-less

    Filled one antler-less tag with the ml.

    It was a rough year. If it could go wrong it did for me this year.

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    I bought 2 youth tags for my kids and a bow tag for me.

    Filled NONE of them. By the time gun seasons came along, I decided I’m tired of donating money to the state and didn’t even bother with buying a tag. My buddies that did were all unsuccessful.

    I highly doubt I will hunt deer in IOWA next year. I may pay the $300 and try out South Dakota. They actually have some idea on how to manage a deer herd.

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    1. one statewide bow, which went unfilled because I didnt see a buck I wanted to shoot.
    2. one statewide shotgun season two, which went unfilled because I dont like to out it on a doe until the second weekend, and then I didnt get t hunt much the second weekend cause of my GF’s family xmas, work, etc
    3. One Monroe County antlerless bow tag which I filled two hours after I bought it.

    See the trend here? We have plenty of deer.

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    1 any sex bow with boone anterless and Hamilton anterless

    1 first shotgun with one boone anterless

    1 Missouri rifle with one anterless

    only fill the two doe bow anterless tags. never saw a decent buck to shoot, never fired a shot during shotgun and the rifle season. Not that i was being picky during those gun season, i just never had a decent shot or deer to shoot at. I was told worst opening rifle weekend in recent missouri history. Going to be a rough season at the grocery store we usually dont have to buy much meat. I think the state is down 30000 deer from last year. i bet we dont break 95000 this year. AT 92868 as of today.

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    One statewide bow, filled on a buck
    Two Jones county antlerless bow tags, unfilled
    Five Jones county antlerless sg1 tags, two does, three unfilled
    Five Jones county DMZ park antlerless bow tags, five does

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    Statewide Archery (filled)
    Antlerless Archery Clayton Co. (filled)
    Antlerless Archery Buchanan Co. (unfilled by choice)

    2nd Shotgun Statewide (unfilled)
    2nd shotgun antlerless Clayton Co. (unfilled)

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    One Statewide bow = Filled on a buck

    One SW Iowa County Doe = Unfilled

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    Bought a bow statewide and anterless (filled both of those)
    Bought a late muzzy statewide tag and it went unfilled

    Going to hunt the late antler less season in SW IA so that tag is still TBD

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    Bought 1 shotgun tag, filled 3.

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    1 Early Muzzy any sex
    1 Early Muzzy Doe
    1 Bow any sex.

    Tag soup for all, I could have filled all three, but decided to pass. I just did not see a shooter buck and did not see enough does to justify filling that tag or buying more.

    Overall, the deer numbers were down were I hunt, seen plenty of coyotes. Will be doing more coyote hunting this year compared to last year.

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    Statewide bow (filled buck)
    Landowner bow (filled buck)
    2nd shotgun (unfilled)

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    Statewide Archery, Polk Doe Archery unfilled, two Clarke county landowner antler-less shotgun tags filled.

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