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    3 miles for one spot.

    35 for the other.

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    I do a couple “destination” hunts within Iowa every year. These trips the actual hunting both in terms of time and quantity kind of take a back seat. Sometimes I will drive 2 to 3 hours to “hunt”, but I’m typically more interested in staying a few days, visiting some familiar sights and sounds, eating at some favorite restaurants, hitting some favorite taverns, seeing family that I don’t get to see much etc. These kinds of trips it is sure nice to bag a deer or turkey but if I don’t it was still a great weekend or 3 day weekend. But typically if I am going hunting just purely to bag something I don’t like/have a need to drive too much.

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    I am 30 minutes one direction. It really isn’t that bad. I will go hunt till 10:00 head home and go back out around 2-3.

    I would like to buy some land and my limit is that 30 minutes or so.

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    I have 6 stands. 2 within walking distance from my house that I’ve never killed a deer on but my brother has mounted 2 deer killed from that stand in the last 4 years. I have 4 others that are 1 mile away. I’m very lucky to be able to be short on time and can go get in a stand in a moments notice.

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    Just over 3 hours one way. For me it isn’t the amount of deer or size. There’s many more deer and some are bigger around me, and I doubt permission would be an issue. For me it’s the group I go with

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    X2 Trap

    For deer hunting, trespassing is so bad in my area, if you don’t live on it or have real-time cameras mounted, it might as well be public. Heck that doesn’t even matter in some cases. I assume this is the case in other areas as well, and my time in the field is too precious to spin my wheels on unproductive ground. If its more than 30 minutes away I just can’t be there often enough to 1) scout 2) monitor for trespassers 3) hunt on short time.

    For pheasant hunting I very often hunt public ground, and I drive up to 90 minutes to hunt in NC Iowa for the opener on private. I am willing to more or less hunt anything for pheasants, because I get as much enjoyment watching my dog work than actually shooting birds. However, it is nice to be able to reward him with a retrieve on a rooster every now and then.

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    Quote by: sandcreek

    260 miles one way. No phone calls saying dad I need a ride or the wife calling and saying I need this done or that done. When I go deer hunting I am deer hunting.

    This is a great answer! I hunt close enough that when hunting is slow, or the weaher is too nice, my conscience starts to play with my mind with work and honey-do lists.

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    114 miles round trip. . . 57 each way. . . For me, I decided on this ground because of its size, and the fact I am the only one on it. The way it lays out, trespassing is not an issue, neither is road hunting. Hills block the good part of the ground. I have no issue driving an hour each way. Did 28 all day sits in a row, and never got tired of the drive.

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    3 blocks to 50 miles.

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    I drive roughly three hours one way (western Iowa to NE Iowa) to hunt on families property. I live by a lot of public hunting but have absolutely no desire to hunt it for various reasons.

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