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    As I mentioned in the leech thread, my buddies and I fished below the Redfield dam yesterday. While I was wading under the bridge I came upon an abandoned hoop net that had several northern water snakes and some rotting catfish carcasses tangled in it. Fortunately I was able to cut loose 3 out of 4 of the snakes, and release them alive, but the largest of them had already been killed by a heron or turtle or something as its head was decapitated. I’d never seen a net like this before, and it had reeds or some other kind of flexible woody material forming the hoops and 1/2″ netting with a blue hub in the center that held the netting together.

    I called my local CO to investigate the situation as there was no identification attached to the net, and it had obviously either been lost or abandoned; continuing to catch live animals and causing them to suffer. Definitely a sad sight and hopefully somebody on here may know a friend of a friend that is running these nets and can chew some a$$.

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