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    How do you keep Hmongs from Minnesota hunting public land that borders my private land.  They have been wandering into my property and causing problems.  We are afraid to let our dogs loose as well.

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    Build a wall and make them pay for it? Call the dnr! And I’m almost certain they are not after your dogs.

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    Post a bunch of no-trespass and no hunting signs.  Put up some hidden trail cameras.

    Call your local Sheriff immediately when you see a trespasser.  Trespass with a firearm is a felony.

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    The DNR here struggles to get a handle on it to.  A different culture injected into or laws and regulations along with a language barrier always causes some grief.

    Many are great and many have no idea that there even are laws but many of them do and are repeat offenders.  They kill geese out of season around here a lot.

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    They are pretty hard on squirrels from what I have seen as well.

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    There is only ONE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Educate them on our laws.  Most are good people and do not understand the way it is……and a disclaimer for the flamer by education I do not mean sitting them down in a classroom nor do I mean shooting at them or something threatening like that.  Some interaction and explanation would probably work.  Some one on one with your local conservation board director, county Sherriff and DNR to express you concerns should help as well.   Good fences and signage.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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