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    Shot a deer tonight and hit a bit too far forward. Broke the RF leg and got about 6” of penetration before the arrow snapped. Found little blood and backed out for the night. What are my odds of finding this buck?

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    Who knows but give it your best shot come first light. Sounds like he’ll be called Hoppy now.

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    All depends if it penetrated a lung. Blood trail will be scant as there is only one hole and the chest will have to fill up with blood before it will really come out.

    Good luck and let us know!!!

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    How far forward? How was deer standing when it was hit? If you got 6 inches that is enough to do some damage. Look carefully at your arrow too…..I’ve seen and personally experienced what I thought was more penetration when it is actually a couple inches of penetration and blood splatter/smear that made it look like more penetration. Don’t give up and good luck!

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    I agree if you got 6 inches it should be enough, but also agree most time it is a lot less in that area and looks like more.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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