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    I recently had a family member confront a burglar in their home. Thank God no one was hurt. They seem to believe the perp was at their home and never had a clue. They think it was one of their kid’s friend or friend of a friend. The perp knew what they were looking for. Now my family member is thinking of buying a firearm for protection. So what I’m getting at is this. Talk to your kids. Get in their business. Find out who they hang out with. Get involved. This could happen to anyone. It’s been happening in DSM lately.

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    Guns aren’t always an answer. Make sure they talk with Steve Henslyn. He is very knowledgeable and great instructor.

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    This happened to my brother years ago. He retired from military and moved to a new location. His daughter most have made a comment at school about his guns to some one. Some kids broke in his house and took his guns, cut the barrel on one and threw another off a bridge into a creek. They got caught because they stole his liquor which had military stamps on it and were found with it in their car, confessed after getting caught. The old story be careful about what you brag or talk about with some else.

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    Did your friend have prescription meds?

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    100% home invasions are actually pretty rare. Meaning where the family didn’t have some type of connection or knowledge of the persons. Not saying it doesn’t happen but most times there is someone who talked, bragged or are involved in some way.

    Be careful of who you let in your home, who you let know what you have and your schedule and habits etc. I have a security system, a safe, cameras, good locks. I also talk to my neighbors and let them know when I am going to be away. I have their numbers in my phone and we watch out for one another.

    A firearm is just one part of a security plan and being safe and hopefully a last resort.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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