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    I love this Iowa weather. Its 55 and people are out riding motorcycles and I’m riding my bike in shorts and a sweatshirt. Then tonight here comes winter, reminding us that we can sometimes use snowmobiles and harleys in the same day. Looks like we’ve got maybe 2-3″ here in Ames and now its all just blowing around. I love it.

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    Good old Iowa weather. It seems as tho there are several months out of every year that I have to wonder WHY so many people live here. Feb. and March. are the worst for me.
    For the last couple years I have been debating with myself as to why I am still here .
    Can’t decide whether I am too dumb, or, too poor to leave.

    Probably ALL of the above 😯

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    I’ve been debating why I still live here too. I’m thinking I might have to relocate to Colorado or thereabouts some time over the next year or two.

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    Unlike a couple posts I wouldn’t trade my Iowa life for anything. I love it, weather and all!!!

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    I heard a saying once about the 4 seasons in Iowa. . .almost winter, winter, still winter, and summer.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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