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    Well if I were an older guy(past 35yrs old) looking for a profession in this economy. I would also consider education/training in the medical field, if I had an interest in that. Because that field is always needed even in small towns/clinics,hospitals, ect.

    Whereas a mechanic or welder job opening in a small town, might not come so easily. Unless a person knew some local employer or had a connection.

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    Another option could be working with computers, website construction, etc….there are many jobs out there and you can work with companies around the world as long as you have internet access. There always seems to be a need for someone that knows a thing or two about computers…..

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    Quote by: whiterook

    Well if I were an older guy(past 35yrs old) looking for a profession in this economy.

    Ok, I am really trying to think of how to respond to this without getting banned. Older guy? OLDER GUY??? Listen here you young whipper snapper, I oughta get a switch and teach you some manners! 😈


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    I say go for it. I got out of the regular Air Force and unfortunately my career field had no real civilian equivilant. So I went to school and got a degree in CJ and one in psych. Worked in Law Enforcement and then got on Full time with the Air Guard. So now I have 2 careers. Didn’t graduate college til after I was 25, married, and kids in tow. It can be done. Takes a while sometimes to realize the benefits, but in the long run, I think you’ll be better off.

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    x2 on the Ag Mechanic. I sell hydraulics – we would kill for folks that can find their way around a tractor and a laptop! Today’s diesel mechanics often hook up a computer to diagnose problems and then fix them. Tractors, over the road trucks, construction equipment – all high demand field with few applicants. Someone with work ethic, ability to think analytically to problem solve and not afraid to get dirty can pull down $75K+ a year.

    Do yourself a favor – go find some places that employ mechanics. Show up and ask for the shop manager to set an appointment to learn more about the field. Most will welcome someone with initiative. If you have trouble – shoot me a PM, I’ll hook you up.

    Oh, the age thing – I decided at 41 it was time to change fields. If you think college is a tough decision now – wait until you have a couple of kids, mortgage and a car payment!

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    I didn’t take the decision to go back to college lightly. I got within one class of finishing a liberal arts Bachelor’s degree 10 years ago. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was younger, other than go to school and drink beer. Times have changed, and so have I in many ways 😉 The company I work for is in the Engineering/Manufacturing business, and if I don’t want to end up packing/shipping boxes until I retire, a degree is a necessity to move up. I have friends who are in upper management in similar companies in town mentoring me along- something I DIDN’T have when I went to college the first go-round! GO GOPHERS (U of MN)!!!!!

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    I just started a new college program this year and I am also 25. I have found that it is much better to go at 25 than at 18. I am getting much better grades and learning at my full potential now that I have my priorities straight and have gotten most of the partying out of my system (besides weekend of course).

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    Welders are in super high demand right now all across the country.

    There are lots of medical field jobs too in the right specific area but remember, hospitals are the highest regulated entities in the country 2nd only to nuclear power plants. And all them regs cause lots of bad attitudes if you don’t know how to play by ALL the rules.

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    I went back to school at age 24. I now have a job that I enjoy and I never dread having to go to work. Sure, I owe some money and will for a while (I work in conservation, so it will definitely take a while), but I’d rather be in debt and enjoy my job than be debt free. Best of luck to you in making your decision and best of luck in the future.

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    No harm ever when it comes to furthering your education.

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    Yeah I realize going back to school is usually a good idea I’m just hoping I’m making the right decision and not like half the students out there that now have a loan to pay off and can’t even find the job they went to school to get. This all bothers me. I need to get it figured out already.

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