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    Last evening I decided to hunt from the ground, no blind. I’m sitting about 3 yds into this very small area along a 300 yd long with ditch with thickets, plums and willows and about 20 yds wide but it has alfalfa next to it that deer had been feeding in. I have a dozen button weeds in from of me, plum thicket next to my left shoulder and I streteched some camo burlap behind me.

    About 6:00 3 does show up about 150 yds away and feed to me. Im facing NNE at the deer and the wind is blowing from the SSE, the big doe feeds up to 50 yds then steps where weeds block my view so I raise my bow into a better posiion, she feeds straight to me until 10 yds and when she starts to move into a better position she catches me starting to pull my bow. She jumps back to 25 yds and moves directly down wind and bobs her head and stomps her feet and works her way into about 10 yds. She then relaxes walks back to the east into the opening and turns her head the other way, I drew, she heard it and looked and I double lunged her. She went about 100 yds and piled up in sight. Got it on video but it wasnt framed right, I was zoomed in enough that her head is framed but not the body. It does show her piling up.

    Crazy thing, I would have sworn I took about about 5 to 10 seconds to draw and shoot. On video I did it in one second almost like a recurve.

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    congrats on the harvest! Sitting on the ground makes it even more of a challenge

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    Very cool and being able to film it is very impressive.

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    Sounds like a fun hunt…taking a deer from a make shift ground blind is an extra exciting way to hunt. And you got it on film. Very cool. Make sure to upload the video to the library on the site so other members can see your hunt.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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