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    I thought I’d take the opportunity to test out the new photo posting capabilities of the new site with some pictures of my trip to French Creek a couple of weekends ago.  There was still plenty of evidence from the torrential rains from the day before and the steam was still running pretty swiftly and the water was dirty.  This pushed the fish deep where they could avoid the worst of the current and also meant that they were not willing to venture out into the increased flow to chase a meal.  By Czech Nymphing I was able to get down to the depth that held fish and put the flies right in front of their faces.  These fish were not giants by any means, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen 12″ brown trout like this with such a full belly.  Every one of them had a big ol’ gut that I could barely wrap my hand around.  I don’t know if they were feasting on all the worms t hat had washed into the stream or if they’re always this well fed, but I was impressed!

















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    That’s a great catch, Munchy! Hoping to see more pics of your adventure.

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    Thanks for the report Munch.

    Mayor of Hickory Grove

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