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    😯 Now I am trying to figure out how to best freeze or otherwise process 100#’s of pure mushrooms! 😯

    Any ideas?

    On a related note: Also, while out for a walk in the woods this AM I saw hundreds of yellowish polypore mushrooms growing in a grove of pine trees. All that I pulled to inspect appeared to be growing from the ground with heavy whiteish colored spawn. When I bisected a few of them they were yellow throughout. including the bottom of the cap (pores). The tops of the mushrooms were a bit lighter yellow, but maybe even a bit brown on the older specimins… Lots of very small mushrooms of this type were coming up all over 1 hillside, which made me think the “flush” of whatever these were was just beginning. I’m hoping I got lucky and stumbled on a great spot for king boletes since everything I’ve read says they come back in the same spots year after year…

    Anybody got any vague ideas of what those shrooms might be? Not knowing for sure, I thought it best to leave them alone for some other more seasoned mushroom hunter to find, or maybe I can go back and test a few if you all could give me any good “ID” tricks of the trade.

    Oh one other possible ID factor: the smell was mild (especially compared to the puffballs which seems to overwhelm me: Probably because I have such a mother load!.

    Thanks everybody for any assistance you can give!

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    Got a pic? Nearly all polypores are edible to some degree.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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