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    I attended the Flower and Garden show in Des Moines last Friday and it really sucked!  It was in the Varied Industries Building, big wide isles , guessing only 1/2 as full as it could have been, with only 20% of the vendors having anything to do with flowers/gardening.  It cost $8(with $1 coupon) to get in and it was a wasted $8.  I heard other comments about it from others thinking the same as me.  I would NOT recommend it for next year unless they really improve it.

    By the way, I would probably say about the same thing for most of the events I’be been to in Des Moines the past few years, maybe it’s just the grouchy old man in me, but that’s the way I feel about it. Not saying all events are bad because I’ve not been to ALL of them so I don’t mean to talk nasty about your favorite ones.

    Tomorrow is first day of Spring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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