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    Since purchasing some of these cranks I have had good luck casting and trolling as far as catching fish goes but have had to tune each one of them out of the box to get them to run true at faster trolling speeds, around 3-4 mph.

    Before buying more I thought of just going back to Rapala Shad Raps as they always run true for me.

    What has your experience been with Flicker Shads?

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    I find that the shape of the bill makes them susceptible to getting off true when banging across rocks. Not ideal for running through cover, imo.

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    yes ive had the same issues they do catches da fish but they pull left pull right porpoises out the water … i always chech them over the edge of the boat and give a tug to see witch way they want to pull sometimes it helps me spread out.. but i lose depth different swivels have helped too ..if i were not so prone to snags i would go to the rapalas…$ 🙄

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    I have used Flicker Shad the last couple of years and they are pretty good right out of the package. I purchased a bunch recently from Fleet Farm ($2.89) and had a couple that just wouldn’t run right. I took them back and they exchanged with no problems. I used to use the jointed shad raps and find that the Flicker Shad seem to run better at higher speeds and cost a whole lot less.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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