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    I got into hunting just the last couple years. My buddy got me hooked on bow. Since then, I’ve gotten two turkeys, but no deer.

    Sunday looked prime, so we got out at 3. Other than a not so pleasant standoff with a racoon, it was pretty quiet. At about 5, there was heavy doe and buck traffic 30 yds into the timber.

    I was mad at myself for not clearing more of a shooting lane. The stand hadn’t been used in some time and there was a tree limb blocking all my shots. I was beginning to think I’d never get one when I rattled one in and got him to my side of the creek. He ended up hanging out behind me for a long while. Eventuality, he started to meander out to the field.

    Patience paid off, and I had a shot with about 7 minutes shooting time left. My adrenaline got me a little shaky, but I took a deep breathe and let it fly at 20 yards out. By the time I got down and we started tracking, it was dark. Wasn’t a huge blood trail, so we wondered if it was only 1 lung.

    About an hour later we found him along the creek bank. I got my first deer and it was a 10 point buck. Granted, he lost 2 tines.

    It was an amazing experience, and I’m already ready to get a doe tag and get back out.

    Thanks to everyone on the page who shares tips and stories, and gets new hunters like me motivated and educated.

    Pics to come when I remember how to.

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    Congrats! Patience and a deep breath go a long ways.

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    Nice. You look happy. 😀

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    Congrats It is always a great feeling.

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    Congratulations! I hope to feel that same adrenaline rush over the weekend as I’m in search of my first buck via a bow.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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