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    Does anyone have any thoughts on fishing open areas of water if you can find it while there is still ice on the rest of the lakes. I am wondering what kind of fish might come about from fishing open water at such places as the grade at Clear Lake(if it is open). Thanks

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    I have always wondered this too. I have not tried it to disprove or approve it. Storm has aerators in the marina around some docks that creates open water. I would have to think as the O2 levels get low in the winter that these areas would be good. I would like to hear what everyone has to say.

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    Try using the same jigs/bait as you would for ice fishing, but on a small slip bobber and soft water ultra light. I would give it a try.

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    This can be great fishing. Any current area or channel areas even if ice is on both sides will work. I like late afternoon to just after dark as thisgives the sun time to warm the water.I use a slow retreive,almost a crawl ,even a drag &stop with a clean bottom . For panfiish try a small jig & bobber about 20 inches apart with a splishot inbetween.Don’t forget your ice jigs either.Scent or live bait(minnows’waxies’etc) helps in cold water. For cats use dead chubs ,cutbait,or smelt cast on the ice and drug off ,then let settle to bottom also works for northerns. As for CL I know they catch northerns at the grade but don’t forget the cricks & canals on the north shore or the outlet on the east

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    Nothing in your bio, so don’t know where you are. Below most dams and locks there is open water year around. Right now the Missouri is running nearly ice free at Sioux City. Walleye and sauger can be good this time of the year. 😉

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    Thanks for the replies. I had to go drive by the Ventura grade at clear lake tonight and it didn’t look like there was any open water… all the water on top and warm weather makes me a little leary to be on the ice and with the nice weather would rather get out the summer fishing gear anyway. Anyone know of any open water around the mason city area that has open water that would be worth a shot for some walleyes or northern?

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    Theres also a couple mile stretch of open water on th Mississippi south of Clinton, In Camanche to be exact…

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