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    The slump is over. Saturday morn I got to watch night turn to day. Set up on the outside of a timber. Lots of multiflower stickers ect. Its so bad that a human cant go in it but the coyotes have made a runway through it. Began with interigation and some wimpers. Waited 30 min with no takers. I switched to some distress sounds mostly mad jack and young cottontail and another 30 min passes with nothing. So with an hour invested in this set up I didnt feel like going home or making another set some wheres. We still had deep snow that morning and walking farther out in this section just wasnt in the cards. I decided to set there in silence and watch another 30 minutes tick by ( interesting what a person can think about on a stand when he isn’t doing anything) So now with an hour and 30 minutes invested I put on a rodent squeak real low and let it play for 15 min with nothing to show for it. Thinking about weather I should give up or not I decided on a young cottontail distress again. Finally see some movement in the multi flower crap  but cant make it out. The two hour mark has now passed I hit the pup distress ( something I havent done much this year) and I have two coyotes running back and fourth through this multiflower ,they looked confused. Trying to get them stopped was a nightmare and my shooting lane was very narrow. It finally came with a shot from the 12 guage and 00buck. Shot one and didnt have a shot on the other. Ended up belly crawling through the multiflower patch to retrieve my yote ,my hands and face were a mess but at least the slump is over

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    great job!!!  those roses are killers to the face and hands, but i’m guessing that coyote thought that shotgun was worse!

    and shows that long sits can pay off when you’re in a great spot.  Just keep trying!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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