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    Hey guys,

    I’m looking for a new pair of water/briar proof chaps for upland hunting. I know that Boyt and Cabelas both have pretty good ones, but I found these High-N-Dry Briarproof, and Waterproof Protector Chaps on Amazon and wondered if anybody has any experience with them? They are advertised on hog and coon hunting sites as well, and I hope somebody on here is familiar and can provide a recommendation (or not).


    Thank you!


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    Google Dan’s Frog Legs. Casy has been running coon hounds with a friend that turned him on to a pair. Runs his lab early mornings in pot hole country. Keeps him dry and comfortable to wear. You choose the boots you want with them if you go for the Frog Legs or they have the chaps alone.

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    Froglegs were originally made by John Wick. Coonhunting legend. Have had several pair from him. Where them until boots are worn smooth. My last pair is shot and looking for new that is comparable.

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    Nitelite has some. Most coon hunting suppliers have them.

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    I have a pair of Filson’s that work well for me.

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    I wore Wick Chaps for 30 years.. hated when they went out of business. Been wearing Nitelites the past couple seasons (not quite the quality – but serviceable) Just recently found another company making “Wick” products: I’ll be ordering a set of bibs soon. These are the original “Wick’s” brand


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    Thank you for the feedback guys. These chaps are hand made in Pennsylvania and are supposed to be made out of the same material as the original Wick’s chaps.


    Your thoughts?

    EDIT– After zooming in on the picture on Amazon, these are also the Stone Creek chaps. However, they are actually cheaper on the Stone Creek website.

    Thanks again guys!

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    I’ve been wearing the same pair of the High ‘N Dry chaps for the last 5 years. I love them! They definitely keep my legs dry and warm. I’ll wear them during the day pheasant hunting and at night running the coon dog.

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    People just can’t say enough good things about these chaps and I appreciate the feedback guys.

    As a sidenote, i called and talked to Kim on the phone today about ordering a custom pair for my daughter that is 11. Wow, what a phenomenal experience! Walked me through the measurements, ways to make them last the longest as she continues to grow, and no upcharge for the custom size. Kim herself will be putting them together, and I cannot say enough about this company and I haven’t even made a purchase yet.

    Thx again!

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