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    I know there’s typically a great Fall walleye bite on the Mississippi, so I’m starting a thread to catch any reports on what’s going on.

    I tried by the dam in Dubuque about 2 weeks ago on a beautiful warm day, but not much happening, just a few bass.

    According to the DNR reports, it should be a good year for perch, too.

    Also, for those that may not have heard, the DBQ fishing barge is being replaced this month (with another old one, of course), and they are also building a new ramp to get there.

    An obituary for a gentleman in his 80s in today’s paper listed one his favorite things to do was “playing cards with his buddies on the fishing barge”.

    A lot of history with that rickety old thing!

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    Been seeing some really nice catches lately on the fishing barges facebook pages. If any of you are on facebook then look up Clements Fishing Barge (Genoa) or Hubbards Fishing Float (Lynxville). I think the one at Guttenberg (Landing 615) is run by Jamie Dinger, he might have a facebook page too.

    Clements barge at Genoa looks like its been very good for walleyes lately.

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    we’ve been getting out in short spurts on the 15/16 pools. bite has been hit or miss. water temps finally should start dropping. i’ve been managing a keeper here, few shorts there, have had 1 slot so far the last few weeks.

    water is high which is becoming regular and irritating but you just have to adapt.

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    Do those fishing barges move and take you out in the river, or do they just stay in place like a big floating dock?

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    the one in DBQ just stays there- I don’t think it’s been seaworthy for decades!

    I don’t think the other Mississippi barges move either, but I may be wrong on that

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