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    Fridges make a mess…..I have heard about 6 pounds will blow a hole thru the floor and roof an old VW bug…..may even take down a dead tree, sending branches 100 yards away……

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    My neighbor back home (Crawford County, IA) decided to paint his almost empty large propane tank one winter day. They hauled it into the shop and it immediately started to condense moisture. Well, it just wasn’t getting dry after being brought in so of course let’s put he knipco kerosene heater onto it to dry it off for a bit. Let’s just say that left sheet steel in the top of 50 foot trees and burnt down the old house on the farmstead. It has no relevance to exploding targets, but half of the stories on this thread don’t relate. My parents house literally shook when that bad boy went up a mile as the crow flies and nobody was hurt. That will always be one of my favorite stories from back home. Crazy stuff happens there.

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    Quote by: Shooter.250

    Where does iowa law fall into the mix

    i’m not aware we any such law or regulation and we just asked these questions of lawmakers and dnr a few months back for clarity. fyi.

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Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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