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    Wondering if any body has experience with diy European mounts. Any pointers or things that worked or didn’t ?

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    Last 1 I did turned out great. Trimmed head really well, removed tongue, brain, eyes, jaw, a lot of meat. Simmered for 3-4 hours in water with Borax soap until most of what was left shook off. Powered washed head until most everything was off. Some tough fatty bits were left. Packed and covered the head with borax and left for a week. Any bits of fat or meat dried up and were easily removed. Rinse and let dry a few days. Finally I brushed on 40% peroxide and let it sit.  Wiped off any excess and repeated the perodixe 1 more time. Turned out great and pretty easy considering I had about $12 wrapped up in the whole project.

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    Good to know.  I have just hung rack attached to skull in a tree at least over Winter until warm weather and then saved it.  My son has done the coloring thing and it works well, just need to practice on couple low value antlers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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