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    I was at dicks and got some new arrows and came accross the easton fall stalker 2117 aluminum arrows. I was really surprised at how cheap they are, so I went home and did some research to see if they are worth buying. Some people say they are the best arrows they have ever had and some people say they are the worst arrows in the world. What would you guys think? Are they worth buying and what are the pros and cons of aluminum arrows?

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    I grew up shooting aluminum arrows, and all they ever did was get bent/damaged. I’ve heard people say that aluminums fly better, but I don’t see it.

    I’ll never shoot anything but carbons again.

    My opinion.

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    Benefit to Aluminum, they are cheaper than carbon. That is about all i can think of. They shoot slower, are easier to damage, they bend. You will probably be better off if you buy some low end carbon arrows, they will probably last 10 times longer, and be more cost efficient in the long run.

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    If you are a beginner and dont want to spend a ton of money and you have the aluminum arrows lying around shoot em. I killed 2 deer last year with easton aluminums. a 9pt buck and a button buck, worked just fine until deer fellover on them and broke the arrow in half. point being they did the job.

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    😀 All I have ever shot has been Easton aluminum arrows, for the last 20+ years. I kill deer every year. No problems. Nothing wrong with them whatsoever. Someday I will probably start shooting carbons, but why switch when it is working.

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