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    basically i havent been in the woods behind a gun for anything other than taking care of pest and predator animals threatening produce and livestock in some time. recently its occurred to me that its time to hunt again. the land and resources are available to me and the interest is there. seeong as how its early season I guess im wondering if anyone hunts north central iowa and has any helpful ideas in the pursuit of squirrel. to me they are a good way to practice patience as well as shot placement(although with all public land seemingly non toxic the .22 stays in the truck) right now im set up with .12 ga modified choke and steel shot. we have spots around here with lots of promising trees and sign. im just wondering what gets the rats active an what puts them in their nests. basically how are you guys shooting these stealthy bastards? these town squirrels are starting to look good lol. i would never poach but damn it they are dumb in town. Also with every piece of public land I encounter it states no lead shot is legal, how is everyone running 10/22’s all day long out there?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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